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The Industry's First Modular Trailer Solution - FL Flex FleetLocate by Spireon

Spireon FleetLocate FL Flex

The FL Flex is the industry’s first modular trailer tracking solution. It has a flexible base unit that is the latest generation in Spireon’s product line that allows you to buy a versatile, small footprint base unit and configure or tailor the solution to meet your fleet’s needs. The FL Flex allows you to add on sensors such as door, cargo, temperature, tire pressure, etc., as your fleet sees fit. One base unit with sensors for dry vans, reefers, flatbeds and tankers – with easy Installation accommodating simple OEM installs as well as trailer retrofits.

Track Your Entire Fleet With One Solution

Start with the small, simple base FL Flex unit and add on solar panels, cargo sensors, door sensors, temperature probes, and more however your fleet sees fit for a truly custom solution where you can maximize your entire trailer fleet regardless of size or configuration.

Quick, Flexible, Tamper Deterring Installation

Enjoy a super fast installation with support for a variety of configurations. Mount the device covertly under a dry van trailer and add on the optional solar panel on the nose or roof, or for an even faster installation put both the solar panel and base unit on the nose of the trailer. The FL Flex’s tamper alert system ensures you’re aware when the solution is compromised.

Powerful Reporting and Analytics

Move beyond location tracking to truly manage your fleet of trailers with reports that help automate and maximize ROI attainment by reducing detention, right-sizing your fleet and reporting on Pool Management PAR.

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Key Features

Live Mapping

Know where your trailers are in real-time via group and individual views. Also, see breadcrumb trails.

Detention Management

Set parameters then get notified when a customer’s grace period hits a certain percentage or is exceeded.

True GPS Mileage

Schedule your maintenance by miles rather than months and make sure your trailers are used evenly.

Loaded-Trailer Installation

Don’t let GPS device installation take years. We can install on loaded trailers, nationwide.

Pool Management

Get all your committed loads – get alerts when you are over or under PAR for trailers allotted to a customer

Add-On Hardware

The FL Flex solution supports a wide variety of add-on modules, such as solar power, cargo/door sensors, temperature probes, and more.

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