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GoldStar GPS Tracking Systems & Solutions

Vehicle Inventory Management for Used Car Dealerships

Protect Your Vehicles and Your Customers

Along with the industry’s most reliable GPS vehicle tracking device, Spireon GoldStar GPS delivers simple-to-use web-based tools that automate a range of manual tasks, saving you time and money. And of course, they help you track and locate your vehicles if they ever need to be recovered. Auto Dealers now have the ability to increase sales and profits by tapping into an underserved market – consumers with credit challenges and those without extensive credit history. Spireon’s GoldStar solution allows you to make more money while lowering your risk.
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Choose The Solution That Works Best for Your Business

goldstar locator

GoldStar Locator

Our entry-level GPS tracking package, Locator helps you quickly and easily locate and recover vehicles. Intuitive, mobile-friendly interface makes it easy to set up reports and activate GeoFences.

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goldstar notifier

GoldStar Notifier

Proactively service loans with our Notifier GPS vehicle tracking package including intuitive dashboard, 500 tracks per device, and the powerful Location and Reference Genies

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goldstar lender

Goldstar Lender

Increase the performance of your overall loan portfolios and price loans and make them more competitive. Easy-to-use tools and services provide you with real-time business intelligence.

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Why Choose Spireon GoldStar for GPS Tracking?

Over 3 Million Subscribers

With Spireon, you’re partnered with the leader in vehicle tracking for automotive finance. Our award-winning NSpire platform will provide you with the utmost service availability and security

Go Beyond Locates

Our Location Genie collects and analyzes vehicle location data to predict the most probable location for any vehicle, at any time. No need to pay a recovery agent for an intensive search.

Reliable Vehicle Tracking

Another industry first, we keep you connected to your vehicles with on-demand GPS vehicle tracking by ensuring your application is up and running 99.9% of the time

Easy Group Commands

Save time by sending batch commands for multiple vehicles, rather than running single commands over and over. This gets you out of the office and back onto the sales floor.

The Proof Is In the Numbers

Dealerships and Lenders using Spireon GoldStar GPS have reported significant savings as a direct result of GPS-based vehicle tracking. Of these customers:

have reported reduced delinquencies

have been able to finance customers with lower credit

have been able to finance customers with smaller down payments

have seen a significant improvement of customer credit ratings

Spireon GoldStar Comes with Added Rewards

on-time payments

More on-time payments

Automated payment reminders and starter disable features help motivate and remind borrowers to pay on time, so less time and resources are spent tracking down missed payments and repossessing vehicles.

guaranteed uptime

Guaranteed uptime

A quality GPS provider promises that you will continually stay connected to your vehicle collateral. Spireon provides the industry’s first guarantee of 99.9% application uptime.


Coverage where and when you need it

Using GoldStar’s CDMA wireless technology gives you unprecedented coverage, reliable connections and fast network speeds. So you can track vehicles more quickly and easily even in remote and rural areas.

enterprise mobile gps

Enterprise Level Mobile GPS tracking

Track vehicles and access information via any smartphone or tablet, no need to be in the office and stuck behind a desk 24/7.

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