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While trailer management systems such as Spireon’s FleetLocate are invaluable to trailer fleets, nothing can replace a human’s analytical perspective. With Spireon’s Managed Services, you can optimize your resources and maximize your ROI.

Think of us as your own personal trailer management consultant. We’ll help you increase corporate profitability by reducing operational costs & optimizing key data functions. With our ever-expanding customer-base, we utilize aggregate data and benchmark you against other successful industry fleets nationwide to give you industry best practices that will help you maximize your profits.

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Managed Services Benefits:

  • Optimize trailer fleet by identifying idle trailers and reducing capital costs
  • Automate current trailer processes
  • Reduce yard check costs
  • Increase detention awareness
  • Increase ROI
  • Increase detention billing revenue

Managed Services Features:

  • Dedicated Spireon operations analyst
  • Reallocate your limited resources to more important duties while your dedicated Spireon operations analyst helps optimize various trailer management tasks including reporting and analytics.
  • Monthly device health reporting
  • Get a monthly snapshot of your trailer fleet’s overall health, as well as historical context. If your dedicated operations analyst sees areas for improvement, you will be provided tips and actionable corrective steps.
  • Aggregate data comparisons analysis
  • Receive quarterly benchmark reports. Better understand your business’ weaknesses and improve operations by benchmarking yourself against successful industry fleets nationwide.

“Spireon’s analysts have provided us with valuable information and analysis to not only make actionable decisions that improve our trailer management, but also to reallocate our staff’s time to other projects and tasks that promote additional profitability for our organization.”

Brandon PangleDirector of Technology and Compliance, White Holdings Trucking

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