Track, Locate, and Protect Powered Assets with FL Flex 2 EQ

Track any powered asset including bulldozers, scrapers, trenchers, cranes, or mixers in real-time. Increase profitability and protect your assets from misuse or theft, with FL Flex 2 EQ. This covert GPS tracking device combines with intelligent cloud software, to give you actionable insights so you can make smarter business decisions faster.

GPS Tracking

Never wonder if your equipment is safe at a job site overnight, or if your employees are using your assets for side jobs. Get daily updates for stationary assets and consistent status updates when the ignition is active. Setup landmarks and geofencing. Locate your asset at all times and receive alerts when your asset enters or exits a landmark. Even see location history.

Engine Idle Time & Real Engine Hours

Track engine idle time and make adjustments as needed to minimize fuel expenses. Plan and schedule maintenance based on real engine hours, not just calendar days.

Customizable Reporting

Automate reports with the most relevant data. Assess activity and utilization of assets and monitor their movement right from our cloud based FleetLocate UI.

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