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FL®FLEX EQ Protects Powered Assets

Tracking powered assets in real-time with the FleetLocate FL®-FLEX EQ goes beyond simply locating them on a map. From on-time maintenance to theft protection, this GPS tracking device is a game changer.

On-Demand Locates

View the location of your asset via our mapping feature to verify your equipment is at the right site, and stays on site until the job is completed.

Engine Hours

Avoid costly breakdowns or missed job opportunities by monitoring engine hours and ensuring your assets are regularly and properly maintained.

Theft Protection

When you leave equipment at a job site, make sure it stays put when crews go home for the night by monitoring when the asset is switched on or off.

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Key Features

GeoFence Breach

Create GeoFences or perimeters then receive alerts when your asset moves outside of the virtual fence.

Back-Up Battery

Even without power, the FL12-EQ will continue to run on an internal, back-up battery and provide location reports.

Disconnect Message

Get alerts when the FL12-EQ is disconnected and reconnected to help avoid against theft.

Location History

See location history to understand where your asset has been and to aid in theft recovery if necessary.

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