Master Your Fleet with GM’s OnStar Embedded Hardware.

General Motors and Spireon have partnered to take fleet management to the next level. How? By combining Spireon’s FleetLocate and GM’s OnStar to create the ultimate fleet management solution – all with no aftermarket hardware required.

Locate vehicles 24/7, track driver productivity, and improve driver behavior using OnStar as your telematics delivery system. In addition to all of FleetLocate’s® standard features, OnStar integration means you also benefit from door lock/unlock, remote start, fuel level, tire pressure, engine oil, and real odometer. And if your busy fleet includes non-GM assets such as equipment or trailers, we’ve got that covered, too.

The OnStar Difference

Locate Vehicles 24/7

Whether you’re responsible for a fleet of five or five hundred – Spireon FleetLocate for GM makes fleet management affordable and attainable. How? Simply leverage the factory-installed OnStar-embedded hardware within your 2015 or newer GM vehicles to deliver telematics data to FleetLocate.

Track Driver Productivity

Avoid downtime and maintain a healthy fleet through alerts triggered by battery status, fuel level, engine oil, and tire pressure. Proactively manage fleet maintenance schedules when it’s convenient for your fleet, and ensure customer commitments are kept by getting ahead of vehicle service.

Improve Driving Behavior

Spireon FleetLocate supports mixed fleets, meaning even businesses operating non-GM assets such as trailers, equipment, and even vehicles by other manufacturers can get fleet visibility when they need it, and how they need it – all within the popular and easy-to-use FleetLocate application.

Key Features

All the benefits of FleetLocate, plus added visibility driven by OnStar

Door Lock/Unlock

Save on costly locksmith fees and wasted driver time when keys are lost or accidentally locked inside vehicles.

Tire Pressure

Extend tire life with proactive alerts about tires operating outside of manufacturer recommended PSI.

Remote Start

Improve driver satisfaction and safety by defrosting windshields and regulating temperature via remote start.

Engine Oil

Reduce vehicle down time and ensure optimal engine upkeep with alerts on oil level and scheduled maintenance.

Fuel Level

Configure alerts about fuel level to work fill-ups at the most favorably priced suppliers throughout the work week.

Real Odometer

Assess the real miles driven – not approximations based on GPS tracking – via true odometer data delivery.

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