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If you need a commercial GPS fleet management device with all of the bells and whistles, FleetLocate Compliance is it. The solution combines all of the functionality of FleetLocate Standard and Advanced and adds fully compliant capability to track Hours of Service (HOS), conduct Driver Vehicle Inspection Reports (DVIR) and track International Fuel Tax Association (IFTA.) Plus, the device plugs straight into an OBDII port, removing the burden of complicated installations.

Stay DOT Compliant

Via an in-cab tablet, help drivers easily keep track of HOS drive, rest and sleep regulations. Syncs with GPS data for a fully compliant Electronic Logging Device (ELD) solution. And turns a tablet into a Driver Vehicle Inspection Reporting (DVIR) tool.

Track Driver Behavior

Allows you to set thresholds and alerts for risky driving like speeding, hard turns, coasting, swerving, gear usage and more. Also lets you review performance across your fleet, by group and by driver.

View Engine Fault Codes

Lets your vehicles tell you what they need by reading and reporting on engine diagnostic codes as simple as tire pressure and battery life to major system alerts.

Key Features

HOS Compliant

Fully compliant with federal FMCSA 395.15 Hours of Service rulings including electronic logs.

In-Cab Coaching

Lets you remind drivers when to curb risky behavior to avoid accidents and liability.

Electronic Logbook

Turns an Android or iOS tablet into a fully compliant Electronic Logbook that syncs with GPS data.

Engine Diagnostics

Alerts you to vehicle issues by reading and reporting engine fault codes.

Inspection Reports

Via a native mobile application, turns a tablet into a tool for Driver Vehicle Inspection Reports.

Add-On Options

Accommodates Driver ID, Garmin and Power Take Off (PTO) for increased visibility.

Get Ready for the ELD Mandate

See our ELD Mandate Resource Center to make sure you’re ready for the December 2017 deadline.
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