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GPS Tracking for Rental Car Companies

Protect Your Rental Fleet and Bottom Line

Quickly Find Missing, Overdue and Stolen Vehicles

Spireon GoldStar GPS vehicle tracking makes it easy to locate your assets, allowing you to recover missing, overdue and stolen vehicles quickly and cost effectively. It also gives you the freedom to focus on customers and running your business rather than trying to track down missing vehicles.

You’ll know where your vehicles are at any given time, and what actions you need to take — all from a single-screen dashboard. You’ll be able to see when a vehicle’s battery power is running low, if the cell signal is strong or weak, and whether the GPS tracking device is connecting to GPS satellites. You’ll even be able to get started quickly with a mobile app that scans VINS and automatically enters information into the GoldStar system.

I love the new platform. GoldStar GPS is a real time saver and gives me full control of my rental vehicles. In fact, I referred two colleagues that I worked with back when I operated a BHPH dealership.- Jerrell Breedlove, Premier Cash Car Rentals

Rely on Fast, Reliable Locates

A missing vehicle can throw an office or a territory into a time-consuming exercise of finding the vehicle. With a GPS vehicle tracking solution, there’s no such thing as a missing vehicle. A connected car can be located – anytime, anywhere – from a desktop computer, tablet or smartphone.

Improve Customer Satisfaction

Imagine allowing customers to extend their rental period with a click or two on their smartphone. No phone calls, no paperwork or hassles. By providing actionable information and preventing costly rental overages, you’ll be rewarded with repeat business from happy customers.

Reduce Tow Lot Fees

Spireon GoldStar GPS comes with robust functionality that lets you set up GeoFences around specific boundaries, including tow lots and impound lots. You’ll be able to alert recovery agents when a vehicle is impounded, resulting in faster recovery of your vehicle asset and lower fees.

Recover Stolen Vehicles

Stolen vehicles can cause financial damage that isn’t covered by insurance. With GoldStar GPS, it can be as quick and easy as finding the vehicle’s real-time location marked on an interactive map. Even if the device is disabled, a location history can predict the most likely places to find and pick up your vehicle.

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