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GoldStar by Spireon color logo“When Jared trains new dealers on how to get started in BHPH, his message is clear. “I tell them to GPS every car and to use GoldStar. Don’t, don’t, don’t skimp on the asset protection; it’s not worth it. Spend the money, and you’ll get your car back every time.””

— Jared Halsted, Double H Auto Exchange

“Here at Audi Ft. Worth, LoJack has really helped our profitability. We have been able to run, depending upon the month, anywhere between 65-80% penetration with LoJack, so for us it has been a huge improvement. LoJack helps us locate cars when customers come in for a test drive and has helped us recover vehicles.”

– Mike McLeod, Finance Director, Audi Ft. Worth

“Tejas Distributors has been with Spireon and FleetLocate now since late 2008 after an exhaustive investigation of fleet management companies. Each of the systems I’ve used over the past 50 years has had a huge impact on our business, but nothing compares to the advancements in Spireon. FleetLocate even helped save driver’s lives. This sort of thing isn’t in any brochure, but it is one of the many advantages that Spireon brings to the table…No company can beat the people at Spireon. That matters. They don’t offer excuses. They offer solutions.”

– Byron VanZandt, Tejas Distributors