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Protect Your Vehicles with GPS Vehicle Tracking

Fund More Deals, Take on Less Risk

Spend less time in front of your computer, and more time on the floor selling vehicles. Spireon GoldStar is a web-based GPS vehicle tracking solution with an intuitive, user-friendly interface and a wealth of data just a click away.From one-click vehicle location tracking to checking references without phone calls, GoldStar comes with the automated GPS vehicle tracking tools and features you need to increase sales while reducing your risk. Protect your assets today, tomorrow and down the road. Find out why GoldStar is the dealer’s choice for GPS vehicle tracking.
GoldStar GPS is simple and easy to use. I can get all of my tasks done quickly, and then move on with the rest of my busy day.- Julie Munoz, Mario's Auto Sales
It’s so much easier to use! -- This will save us a lot of time! -- We are really excited to use your new User Interface…How fast can we get it?- NABD CMS Sneak Peak

Time and Money-Saving Features Give You More Time to Sell

Reference Genie

With Reference Genie, instead of needing to make time-consuming calls to see if your customer has provided accurate information on where they live and work, simply enter the addresses you need to check. The Reference Genie automatically conducts a background analysis based on defined reference criteria, then auto-generates the results. References that pass can be filed away, allowing you to focus your time only on references that raise red flags.

Location Genie

The patented, Location Genie GPS vehicle tracking tool collects and analyzes vehicle location data, then analyzes this data to predict the most probable location for any given car, at any given time.You’ll no longer need to pay a recovery agent to scour neighborhoods for vehicles that may not be there. Instead, you’ll be able to conveniently schedule pick-ups and recover vehicles more quickly and cost-effectively while protecting the privacy of your customer. What’s more, if a customer changes jobs or addresses, Location Genie lets you know by keep tracking of new location data and trends.

VIN Scanner

Built into the GoldStar mobile GPS tracking app is our handy VIN scanner. Using a smart phone, simply scan the VIN and the app automatically populates the GoldStar CMS system with the make, model and year attached to that VIN number. This simple feature will save your staff the time of having to manually write down and key in this information.

Device Transfer

Transfer devices automatically when you’re ready to sell your loans. An easy way to move devices from one account to another, it condenses the typical 4-day process into 30 minutes or less. No more messing with paperwork, scanners and fax machines.
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