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Smart trailer technology opens a new realm of opportunity within the freight industry, with the ability to provide actionable, real-time data, tracking and monitoring capabilities that enable companies to analyze performance and make timely improvements. However, for carriers to fully benefit from the technology, they need to be able to prove ROI and cost-savings.

In an industry survey recently conducted by FreightWaves and Spireon to gauge industry progress around trailer technology adoption, we gathered interesting insights about the value of the technology and what companies still need to do to utilize it to its full potential.

During the webinar, you’ll hear the detailed results of the survey and how companies can work to maximize the benefits of smart trailer technology, including:

  • Types of data that are available to reduce risk and prevent problems before they occur
  • Factors keeping fleets from maximizing the use of the technology
  • How carriers are using smart trailer technology to boost ROI
  • Benefits of partnering with data pros like Spireon to ensure the intel is actionable
  • And more

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