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Concerns around tariffs, the capacity shortage, lack of available drivers and rising fuel prices are creating tensions that are being felt across the freight industry, especially among smaller carriers. With several companies either closing their doors for good or eliminating facilities to cut costs, questions abound on where the market is heading and how to plan for the future.

Get an inside look at the current state of the industry across multiple freight modes in this on-demand webinar. You will hear insights from Dean Croke, Chief Insights Officer for FreightWaves, and Ibrahiim Bayaan, FreightWaves’ Chief Economist, who provide updates on:

  • Trucking spot market rates, carrier capacity, shipper volumes, truck orders and more
  • Rates and volume trends for air cargo, maritime, rail and intermodal
  • Impact of ELD/AOBRD – Results from a recent survey
  • Economic outlook for the remainder of 2019
  • And more
Don’t miss this opportunity to hear how the latest developments in freight are shaping the market and how these changes may affect you. Watch now!

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