The State of Insurance in the Freight Industry

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Hear about the impact of rising insurance rates, the coronavirus, and how companies can best position themselves to handle these costs

Carriers are experiencing significant strain when it comes to rising insurance costs, which have doubled in the past few years. Abnormally high accident rates—including those involving fatalities—and nuclear settlements with multi-million-dollar payouts are largely to blame and are impacting carriers of all sizes, in addition to their customers. Despite a rise in technologies that are designed to enhance safety, the economic impact of these skyrocketing rates is undeniable.

To discuss the impact of rising insurance rates and how companies can best position themselves to handle these costs, FreightWaves partnered with Spireon to host an hour-long webinar, where you can hear insights from Chris Henry, Vice President of Carrier Profitability and Program Manager for the TCA Profitability Program, as well as Andrew Ladebauche, Co-Founder and CEO of Reliance Partners. During this session, Henry and Ladebauche discuss:

  • Current market environment (insurance carriers in the market vs. exiting)
  • Excess insurance (umbrella) rates
  • Nuclear verdicts vs. higher-than-normal incident rates and the economic impact
  • The impact of the coronavirus on insurance rates
  • What happens when stock market support falls apart
  • Captive vs. traditional insurance markets
  • Future trends, including activity-based pricing for carriers
  • Brokerage liability

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