Blockchain isn’t just an industry disruptor, it’s technology that will revolutionize the way people do business.

Do you know how it will affect your company?

Find out the opportunities and challenges presented by blockchain in this informative webinar featuring Craig Fuller, Managing Director of Blockchain in Transport Alliance (BiTA). BiTA includes members such as UPS, Penske and Shaw, and represents a growing group of transportation companies that believe blockchain will change the industry.

In this program, you’ll get valuable information including:

  • What exactly is blockchain and how does it affect transportation?
  • How do supply chain and logistics processes changewith blockchain?
  • How can blockchain affect verification of inspections, maintenance performance records and recall information?
  • What is a “smart contract” and how can it benefit my organization?
  • And more

Don’t let your organization be left behind – watch this informative webinar now.

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