Grow Your Business with Real-Time Driver and Vehicle Intelligence

Reduce fuel costs, idle time, labor and fleet mileage while maximizing the quantity of work accomplished with Spireon’s fleet management solutions. Ensuring your fleet is running optimally is key to delivering great service, and great service means repeat customers who help grow your business.

Spireon’s GPS fleet tracking and management solutions gives you intelligence on how your fleet is performing – by driver and by vehicle. Whether your fleet is small or a large enterprise, we can help you reduce risk and operate more effectively. For trailer & asset management solutions, click here.

Flexible GPS Fleet Management Solutions to Fit Your Fleet

FleetLocate® is a user-friendly, yet powerful fleet management solution designed to help businesses get the most out of drivers, vehicles, assets, and trailers. From simple GPS vehicle tracking to affordable ELD compliance, FleetLocate’s rich data is the backbone that drives fleet intelligence, productivity, and profitability.

Fleet Management

Affordable, easy-to-use GPS tracking and fleet management with the key performance indicators to drive efficiency, cost savings, productivity, and safety.


Super simple and user friendly HOS and DVIR to make complying with federal regulations easy for fleet managers, easy headache-free for drivers.

For GM

Manage your General Motors fleet vehicles using factory-installed OnStar-embedded hardware for telematics data delivery.

For Ford

Integration with Ford Data Services opens up the world of FleetLocate through onboard technology in equipped Ford vehicles.

Fleet Manager Benefits

A recent survey of small to medium sized business fleets using GPS fleet tracking solutions revealed substantial improvements in:

35% of FleetLocate users improved fleet safety - FleetLocate by Spireon
62% of FleetLocate users reported improved business efficiency - FleetLocate by Spireon
86% of FleetLocate users increased driver location awareness - FleetLocate by Spireon
33% of FleetLocate users reported a 10% reduction in idle time - FleetLocate by Spireon
100% of surveyed FleetLocate users said they reduced fuel expenses - FleetLocate by Spireon
50% of users Reduced fuel costs by 10% - FleetLocate by Spireon

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Find The Right Management Solution for Your Fleet

Whether you need a small, mediumcommercial or enterprise fleet management solution, Spireon Fleet Management comes in affordable packages to fit the unique needs of your business. By only paying for features you’ll use, your operation will gain efficiency right from the start. Of course, there’s even more efficiency to gain from Spireon Fleet Management. With real-time visibility into your all of you vehicles and assets, it doesn’t take long to:

Automate Workflows
Monitor driver behavior to identify and address risks that could affect profits
Comply with Regulatory Requirements
Utilize analytics and reporting to see trends and improve efficiencies
Deter theft, improve recovery with location tracking and breadcrumb trail
Lower Fuel Costs
Safeguard vehicles and track employee productivity with accurate GPS locating
Improve Dispatching and Routing
Uncover Poor Driver Behavior and Correct It
Receive vehicle maintenance alerts to fix issues quickly and avoid downtime
Improve Driver and Vehicle Safety
Improve Customer Satisfaction

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