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The Most Trusted GPS Recovery Solution

GoldStar provides reliable, real-time tracking devices that allow you to sell to more customers, maintain prompt payments, and quickly recover vehicles when needed.

And, with the GoldStar Connect consumer app, you can make more money giving your customers the smart technology that sends location, vehicle and safety data right to their phone.


GoldStar Customers See Results

Have been able to increase vehicle payments

Reported reduced delinquencies

Have been able to extend credit to more buyers

Have been able to reduce vehicle recovery times

Top four benefits of GoldStar GPS according to a TechValidate survey of GoldStar customers

“We feel more secure financing a Buy Here Pay Here customer having the device on.”
Karen Bolivar, Finance ManagerTrusted Motors
“With the ability to locate vehicles, our collection rate remains stable and above 80%.”
Kaye Cupp, Finance ManagerSam's Used Trucks & Cars
“We’re confident selling to more customers we wouldn’t have sold to due to their credit.”
Barbara Frederick, Sales RepresentativeStirling Motors
“I’m now able to locate my vehicles earlier, reducing my recovery time and cost as well as reconditioning costs.”
OwnerMembership Organization

Stay Connected to Your Assets

Approve more borrowers and start increasing revenue with innovative, new location monitoring features, streamlined recovery, payment default predictors, and profitable consumer add-ons.

Location Monitoring & Recovery

Location Genie™

Historical location data predicts the best day, time, and location to recover vehicle or payment.

Geofence, Geozone

User-set geographic boundaries trigger alerts when your vehicle leaves or enters. If your car enters or leaves an impound lot or city/state lines, you know it.

Quick Locate

Instant, real-time vehicle location and status includes how long a vehicle has been parked to how long it has been in motion.

Recovery Link

Successful recoveries occur when recovery agents have access to real-time location and history. Send them everything they need in one link, via text or email. Links can be set to expire in 24 hours and up to 30 days.

Impound Lot Alerts

Proactive impound alerts lead to big savings. Our national database of more than 10,300 impound lots gives you optics on your stranded assets before fees become disastrous.

Vehicle Abandonment Alert

When your vehicle has been inactive for seven days or more, this alert leads to quicker recovery and often saves it from going into default.

Reducing Defaults and Managing Risk

Reference Genie™

Automatic collection and analysis of home and work address data. No more manual validations!

Payment Reminders

Audible payment reminders lead to on-time payments. With one click, you can turn reminders on and off, as well as enable or disable starter interrupt.

Proactive Management

Vehicle abandonment, impound, and battery disconnect are all early warning signs of default. With proactive alerts, head off problems before they begin.

Your Business, Your Way

GoldStar® Basic

GPS essentials for BHPH dealers with basic workflows and smart alerts, including instant vehicle locations, a status dashboard, and impound lot notifications.

GoldStar® Pro

For BHPH dealers and small lenders, get all the same features as GoldStar Basic, plus advanced alerts and analytics, including reference validations, location prediction, and custom integrations.

GoldStar® Enterprise

For lenders and large multibranch BHPH dealerships, get all the same features as GoldStar Pro, but with greater scale, including large-scale asset management and revenue predictors across multiple lots or branches.

Unlimited Locate on Demand
Unlimited Users
QuickView Dashboard
Basic History Reports
Basic Alerts
Geo Zone Groups
GoldStar Mobile VIN Scanner
Recovery Link
Advanced Reporting
Impound Lot Alerts & Reports
Online Ordering
Device Groups
Scheduled Commands
Location Genie Location Predictor
Reference Genie – Reference Validation
API Access for Custom Integration
Advanced Alerts
Dealer Sub Accounts
Device Ordering
Request Installation

With every GoldStar package, you can choose customizable add-ons to help meet the needs of your business.

GoldStar Connect Consumer App
Start Disable Relay
Audible Payment Reminder
OBDII Installation Cable
Battery Backup

You choose how and when you want to run and receive data to access in-depth information about your devices, vehicle history and commands.

Saved – Scheduled – One-time Reporting
Alert History
All Device History
Daily Device History
Inventory Status Report
Vehicle Information
Starter Status
GeoFence Violations
GeoZone Violations
Exception Reporting
Auto Report History
Drive Report
Response History
Stop Report
Scheduled History
Reference Verification
Mileage Summary
Excessive Mileage
Missed Auto Reports
User Command History
Last Command History

With personalized alerting, you can manage your business from any device, anywhere. Rest assured your business is protected by easily setting up abandonment alerts, tow alerts, battery disconnects, GeoZones and more.

Outstanding Alerts
Notification History
Battery Disconnect
Power Up with GPS
GeoFence Alert
GeoZone Alert
Drive Report
Auto Report
Low Battery Voltage
Max Speed
Stop Report
Tow Alert
Vehicle Abandonment

With You Every Step of the Way

When you choose GoldStar GPS, you choose the #1 GPS provider in the U.S. With over 15 years experience and thousands of dealership customers, you can ensure you’re getting a partner you can rely on 24×7. From sales to support, GoldStar can help your business run smoothly every single day.

Around The Clock Support

You want the most up-to-date features and devices in the industry. Our team can help you determine the best GoldStar package level, features and devices for your success. And, our award-winning support team is available to help you anytime you need it, 24/7.

Leading-Edge Devices

Industry-leading device design and performance delivers broader coverage, better power management, higher security, and unmatched speed. GoldStar provides the reliability you need, when you need it.

On-The-Go Mobile App

Away from your desk? Download the GoldStar mobile app for access to core features and to easily pair vehicles to devices with a scan.

Nationwide Installation Network

The largest certified installation network includes more than 300 insured installers who are ready to fulfill your install request in 24–48 hours, as well as deliver a 15 percent performance improvement over self-installs.

DMS Integrations for Simplified Workflows

Seamless GoldStar-to-DMS integration provides easy access to your entire business from one screen. Integrations include Frazer, Wayne Reaves, DealerSocket, AutoStar, FEX DMS, and MegaSys.

Hassle-Free Online Ordering

Save time by ordering new GoldStar devices in just a few clicks. 95% of all orders ship the same day.

“Everyone that I’ve EVER dealt with at GoldStar has been polite, professional, and helpful. We’ve used them for a very long time now and not only are the employees great to work with, but they also have a superior product that just plain works!”
Jay ArnoldGeneral Manager at Auto Sales & Service

With Spireon, Savon Financial found a GPS solution that was not only reliable and easy to install, but also one that was backed by a company that provided responsive customer and technical support.

“We are a BHPH auto dealership with second chance financing, so our loans are more high-risk. GoldStar has not let us down, serving extremely reliable GPS units with great customer service.”
Megan ThurnbergCarbanc Auto Sales Inc.

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“Ever since we started using GoldStar GPS units, we now receive payments on time and are able to locate our vehicles when needed.

GoldStar changed our business from successful to elite. On behalf of Weston’s Custom Rides, I’d like to thank GoldStar for that change!”

– Isaac Weston, Owner, Weston’s Custom Rides

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