How to Build a Fleet Safety Culture. And Why.

In 2016, large trucks were involved in 475,000 total crashes that resulted in approximately 180,000 injuries and 4,564 fatalities. Although large truck crash rates are much lower than historical averages, the rate of injury and fatal crashes has risen during the 2010-to-2016 time frame.

One of the most effective ways for fleets to reduce crash rates is to create an enhanced positive safety culture. Although changing culture within a fleet is difficult, it can be done. In this on-demand webinar you will learn:

  • What is safety culture and why is it important?
  • What is management’s role in improving safety culture?
  • How can you engage and empower employees to improve safety culture?
  • What steps are necessary to successfully improve safety culture?

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freightwaves webinar

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Matt Camden
Senior Research Associate, Virginia Tech Transportation Institute Center for Truck and Bus Safety

Your Speaker:

A Senior Research Associate in the Virginia Tech Transportation Institute’s Center for Truck and Bus Safety, Matt Camden has 13 years of experience specializing in occupational driving safety with an emphasis on assessing and evaluating safety programs to improve driver performance, including methods to improve fleet safety culture. Although the majority of Matt’s research is focused on commercial motor vehicles, his research extends to all modes of occupational driving. He has been a lead researcher on 21 projects totaling over $3.5 million and has made significant contributions to 12 other projects totaling over $14.6 million. He has approximately 60 professional presentations and 34 scientific publications.

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