Is Your User Interface Stuck in the 90s?

Many GPS vehicle tracking systems out there are released with software entirely designed by programmers and engineers. These systems are built without customers in mind, and are often crowded with jargon, difficult to navigate, loaded with buttons – and require multiple clicks to dig up the key vehicle data you need. Not only is it frustrating, it’s time consuming. When time is money, don’t let a poor user interface stand in your way.

We recognize that customer feedback is extremely important while developing our products. When developing the Spireon GoldStar GPS tracking solution, we asked dealers:

  • What information do you need to see right up front?
  • How do you want to navigate through the system?
  • How do you want critical vehicle data presented to you?

With their input, we created a unique user experience, unlike any you’ll see with other GPS vehicle tracking systems. Our solution in comparison to others is elegant, clean, and simple to read. The graphic interface is also easier and quicker to use. And a built-in Dashboard gives you a single-screen view of the most critical vehicle data all at a glance, and all in one place.

GPS tracking users need to quickly find key information when using their software from any desktop or mobile device. With our Goldstar interface, users can find the information they need in a few clicks and intuitively navigate the system without having to undergo costly software training. Logical categorization of information also helps our users to easily understand how to use the Goldstar interface. You won’t even need to install upgrades or initiate weekly downloads – a great GPS service provider will handle all the back-end work

An easy system management equates to you and your team getting back to doing doing business and selling cars. Once you try out the Goldstar user interface for yourself, you’ll instantly see the difference in the way it looks, as well as in how quickly it performs. Want a test drive? Get in touch or call us at 1-866-655-8825.

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