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Does Your Fleet Management Software Automate Information?

As a field service company, your customers rely on your business for expertise, making it necessary to equip your field techs with the information and resources they need to serve your customers optimally.

How your business captures, accesses and leverages your knowledge base is absolutely crucial to your success. The solution? Fleet management software with built-in automation. Below are 3 compelling reasons why.

  1. Without Automation, Time Inefficiencies Hurt Your Business

Many field service companies have made efforts to organize and document technical knowledge sheets for staff to access so they can better help address customer requests and problems. It becomes increasingly inefficient however when these technical knowledge sheets are stored in odd places; like random PDFs and spreadsheets stored on an old office computer to paperwork filed at the bottom of an office cabinet. The staff ends up taking precious hours of time just trying to locate certain documents and cuts into you ability to resolve customer issues on a first field visit.  “Best in class” service providers are able to complete first-time fix 89% of the time. Without automation, will you be able to compete?

  1. Automating Your Knowledge Base Improves Customer Service

Automating your knowledge opens the doors to better customer service. Automation cuts out manual paperwork lookups and puts all the information at your staff’s fingertips. Your staff will be able to access their knowledge base from anywhere and anytime on a desktop or mobile device. Imagine encountering a customer call about a past service that one of your field techs completed. Within seconds, you’ll be able to jump onto either a mobile device or web-based interface, search for the customer’s history and information, filter service details and generate an instant report to email to the customer. In just a few minutes, the question is answered or the problem is solved.

  1. Information at Your Fingertips

Get an incredible competitive advantage by having instant, web-based access to information and reports about past customer jobs, services provided, service level agreements, field tech notes, photos, audio notes and estimates. Being armed with this information allows you to play a more proactive role with customers because you’ll be able to identify and act quickly on opportunities. As a result, your service will be seen as a valuable resource your customers can’t live without.

There are many fleet management system providers that claim they can automate your knowledge base. But the best strategic move you can do is to choose a system that also offers a complete range of other management activities, from vehicle tracking and dispatching to billing and tracking hours. The most optimal system out there should give you the ability to capture, organize, access and utilize expert knowledge to make faster, better and smarter business decisions.

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