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How Do You Spell Effective Relief for Fleet Headaches? G-P-S

As a small business owner, you have a lot of responsibilities and wear a lot of hats. With GPS-based fleet management software, you can find effective relief for the many headaches that come with running your business. Here are three ways that GPS fleet tracking can solve your biggest pain points:

  1. Reducing Costs

With fuel costs unpredictable and the costs of doing business rising, you must watch every penny. GPS tracking helps you keep fuel costs under control by alerting you when drivers exceed the speed limit or when engines are left idling excessively. The right fleet management software will also allow you to optimize maintenance schedules based on how many miles a vehicle has been driven, so you can keep your vehicles in top working order, reduce wear and tear and extend vehicle life.

  1. Holding Employees Accountable

As a small business owner, you can’t be everywhere at once. You rely on employees to drive safely and responsibly – as well as get to jobs on-time. But, even your best employees can display poor driving habits such as speeding or starting up the vehicle and letting it idle excessively while they write up paperwork or call the office to check in. Then there are those employees who go off route, maybe running a personal errand, as well as those who do a little moonlighting after hours.

Without being in the cab with each employee during and after work hours, you’ll likely never know that any of these behaviors are happening. Unless there’s an accident involving your vehicles and drivers, or a speeding ticket – which may lead to higher insurance rates. Talk about a headache!

Bottom line, all of this leads to less money in your pocket. Money that keeps your business going.

The simple solution is a GPS-based fleet management system that can track your fleet and deliver real-time alerts to your mobile device or laptop every time problem behaviors occur. With accurate information at your fingertips, you can find and resolve issues right away.

  1. Improving Customer Service

GPS tracking allows you to track vehicle locations in real-time. This enables you to send the closest and most accessible vehicles to a job site when a need arises, even last-minute or emergency calls. Being a customer’s “go to” is a huge win for your business.

Fleet management software will also allow you to plan ahead for road construction, accidents and other incidents that can take drivers off-route and make for late arrivals and deliveries. And more on-time appointments equals more satisfied customers – and less business headaches for you.

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