The Capitol Christmas Tree

Track the U.S. Capitol Christmas Tree – Lit and Decorated!

The 2019 U.S. Capitol Christmas Tree was lit in a lovely ceremony last night in front of the Capitol building, and you can enjoy it with us! See below for pictures taken by Gerard DiNardo, Manager Field Engineer for Spireon. He attended the lighting ceremony along with Roni Taylor, Senior Vice President, FAI Strategy and Business Development. They both enjoyed tracking the tree and seeing it standing in all its glory in Washington.

The tree was tracked using FleetLocate trailer management devices and software, and we’re pleased to say that the tracking worked perfectly throughout the process. Thanks to all our team members that made that happen.

You can watch the tree lighting ceremony here. If you’d like to see the route the tree took, you can still see it at  You can learn all about the route, the selection process and more at

Thanks for tracking the U.S. Capitol Christmas Tree with us!

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