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4 Ways that GPS Vehicle Tracking Increases your ROI

GPS tracking for the trucking industry is the norm. However, GPS tracking is also gaining popularity in other commercial vehicle sectors as well, such as private transportation, government, construction, and many more. In fact, ABI Research predicts that by 2020, 73 million commercial vehicles globally will be powered by these telematics tracking solutions.

You might think that GPS vehicle tracking isn’t necessary for your business operations. Some of the feedback we hear on why some businesses aren’t adopting GPS tracking is that 1) they believe that the costs of implementing such a solution are a burden, 2) that there isn’t a real need for it or that 3) they don’t have any time to install GPS devices into their vehicles.

But, there is a reason why GPS tracking is gaining big traction in the commercial vehicle industry. It’s in the ROI. There are real ROI measures that commercial vehicle owners see through GPS vehicle tracking. Here’s a detailed breakdown of each ROI measure:

  1. Fuel Management & Savings

Fleet management systems are great solutions on cutting down on fuel use and combatting fluctuating fuel prices. Advanced GPS tracking capabilities enable you to see and manage driver behavior, such as seeing how much time cars are idling, how long the car is on the road and how often drivers start your vehicles. Supervisors can then advise drivers based on the information, like telling drivers to manage their time and routes efficiently so that they don’t waste gas. Supervisors can also coach drivers on acceleration and braking, which are also fuel-wasting behaviors.

  1. Increased Employee Productivity

Due to customer demand, many businesses are focused on delivering faster service. With route optimization via GPS management, your fleet can take the shortest route to their destinations, or the best route for avoiding congested roads. Faster trips mean less time on the road and more time completing services, resulting in overall increased employee productivity.

  1. Automated Processes

Are you still penciling in customer billing paperwork or the number of hours that your service technician clocks in? Instead of spending hours just trying to record everything by hand, GPS vehicle management software can help you auto-generate customer quotes on the spot or dispatch jobs on the go.

  1. Proactive Vehicle Maintenance

It can become difficult to keep track of vehicle maintenance once your business grows and acquires more and more fleet vehicles. Since field service technicians are typically more focused on serving your customers – they are less likely to remember to report that a check engine light came on. It’s better to rely on GPS tracking devices and fleet management software to provide notifications right when your vehicles need maintenance. And when you do regular maintenance, that eventually equates to less vehicle downtime and expensive fixes.

The ROI that arises from GPS management systems are different than the ROI one might typically think about. Visit our Commercial Fleet webpage to learn how our tools can help you gain ROI through increased efficiency and productivity. Or contact us at 800.557.1449 for a free demo.

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