Portfolio Growth Based on Confidence

For lenders and credit unions, success boils down to serving borrowers and members.

GoldStar Enterprise is the GPS vehicle tracking and collateral management solution that delivers the real-time business intelligence so you can offer more loans, decrease delinquencies, and curb repossessions.

Be the hero that helps your credit challenged customers get back on track.

See how a 1,000 member credit union added $450K to its portfolio with GoldStar

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Grow Your Auto Loan Portfolio With Confidence

Increase the performance of your overall, automotive loan portfolio and price loans more competitively with Spireon’s Goldstar® Enterprise – GPS vehicle tracking and an advanced Collateral Management Solution (CMS) all rolled into one.

Designed with your needs in mind, our simple GPS tracking tools give you the real-time business intelligence it takes to sell more loans while decreasing loan delinquencies and repossessions. Goldstar Enterprise can also increase productivity through automated processes and reduced overall costs.

Protect Your Loan Portfolio with GPS Tracking

With the demand for subprime loans increasing, a growing number of banks and credit unions are turning to Spireon’s GPS technology. With our GoldStar Enterprise solution, financial companies are able to help consumers get into the vehicles they want and need, as well as support them in rebuilding their credit. All while managing their portfolio risk and protecting their profitability.

If you’re an automotive lender, adopting Spireon GoldStar Enterprise into your loan generation process can help you expand your loan portfolio to include those with FICO scores that fall below the 700 mark. Of course, selling more loans is just the start.

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Highly Scalable

Goldstar Enterprise easily scales to accommodate your multiple locations and growing collateral management needs — regardless of how many member and dealer partners you have.

Dedicated, Web-Based Portal

The intuitive, easy-to-use web-based interface makes it simple to manage your collateral and communicate with borrowers to help them make their payments on time.

Flexible Reports

Generate customized reports that arm you with actionable business intelligence you can use to improve efficiencies, productivity and loan services.

Rigorous Privacy Policies

Goldstar Enterprise helps you comply with state and federal privacy laws by providing a secure web-based portal and allowing you to determine which individuals can access what information.


Streamline Operations

No inventory to manage. You call or place orders directly through your Goldstar Enterprise user interface. Our dispatchers handle the details and notify you when the job is complete.

Fast, Professional Install

Technicians are trained, certified, bonded and insured. Each one has access to the latest installation methods for new vehicles. Plus, installs are completed within 24-48 hours.

Convenient Installs

Spireon’s nationwide network of professionals perform GPS installation at the vehicle location (dealership, customer work, home, etc.) based on availability.

Peace of Mind

Labor guaranteed for up to one year, with full quality control audits on installation and device. Full equipment warranty applies.

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