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Kahu Dealer Technician Certification Program

GPS Installation by Your Certified Technicians

Certify Your Service Team

Your road to efficiency in lot management, stolen vehicle recovery and increased F&I profits starts with proper installation.

When you’re utilizing Kahu, you’re getting industry-leading GPS technology, dealer dashboards and mobile app which means you need your execution to be as seamless as your products. To ensure best-in-class performance from Kahu, proper installation is required.

Let our professional network of installation experts certify your technicians so you can keep your business, and your inventory, driving your profits.

Installation in Three Easy Steps:
1. Understand how crucial installation is to your business and bottom line.
2. Utilize best-in-class professionals to train and certify your in-house technicians.
3. Install Kahu correctly so your dealership enjoys the benefits of lot management, F&I profit and return service.
Our Professional Installation Certification Program Includes:

The Kahu Dealer Technician Certification Program combines in-person classroom with hands-on training. Our experts come to your dealership and conduct the following:

 Interactive classroom training that includes videos of our expert performing an installation. 

 Hands-on buddy training. Our expert will watch and coach as your technicians perform installations from beginning to end. 

 Written test to validate your technicians’ knowledge. 

 Spireon Certified Installer Certificate for every technician who completes the course. 

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Why Is Installation Important?
Improper installation of Kahu devices can be a liability issue, so it’s important to make sure techs are trained correctly. The Kahu Dealer Technician Certification Program helps ensure Kahu devices are functioning properly and can do the following:

Find vehicles if stolen

Provide correct GPS location

Ensure alerts for speeding, low battery and GeoFence are functioning 

Correctly locate and identify vehicles for lot and inventory management 

Report accurately on mileage for continued customer retention