Empower your small fleet
customers to take control
of their business.

Introducing FL4 by Spireon —an affordable plug-n-play GPS solution designed for you to sell to your small fleet customers.

This scalable, hassle-free device is ideal for your small fleet owner customer with lack of insight and control of their business by offering them a quick, reliable and affordable way to track and monitor their driver’s behavior, vehicle location and job performance.

Small business owners are constantly looking for ways to beat larger competitors. With the FL4, they’ll gain the visibility into their business they need to provide solid customer focus, on-time job performance and competitive bids.
And with hassle free installation, they won’t have to miss a beat from their busy day.

Empowering fleet owners to

Increase worker productivity and efficiency

Take control of business with minimal investment in time and money”

Monitor driver behavior to minimize costs