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Spireon FleetLocate FL12

Powerful GPS Trailer Management in a Simple Package

Managing all components of a profitable operation can be difficult. FleetLocate FL12 gives you unprecedented visibility into the location and status of every trailer in your fleet. But, location is just a baseline. Our product also provides in-depth reporting and analytics to help you stay profitable and use your assets to their fullest.

Proprietary Power Management

FleetLocate’s FL12 GPS asset and trailer tracking device keeps you continually connected to your rich data including a battery back-up, secondary power source for recharging depleted batteries and more.

Powerful Trailer Management Tools

Key features of the FL12 GPS tracking device include live mapping, customizable reporting, detention analysis tools, start and stop records and reporting every 10 minutes while the trailer is moving.

Versatility and Performance

Spireon’s FL12 fleet tracking device is rugged in design and offers a wide range of applications – making it a workhorse GPS tracker. It’s perfect for truckload carriers, less-than-truckload carriers and private fleets.

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Key Features

GPS Mileage Tracking

Locate your trailers in real-time, see breadcrumb trails and view accurate mileage gathered by GPS.

Detention Management

Reduce detention and increase driver satisfaction via alerts when a customer exceeds their grace period.

Motion Sensor

See when your trailers are on the move, not just for monitoring but to aid in theft recovery.

Dwell-Time Reports

View the length of time a trailer is with a customer to avoid having assets that are tied up and not usable.

Intelligent Locator

Quickly locate the trailer nearest a tractor or customer to improve responsiveness and routing.

Pool Management

Allot the right number of trailers per customer and get alerts when you are over or under PAR.