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Spireon FleetLocate FL22®/FL22®+

Whether you have composite nose or Duraplate trailers, or want cargo sensors or door sensors, the FleetLocate FL22® family has a configuration to suit your needs. As testament, the flagship FL22 product is driving some of the top transportation businesses in the United States – Werner, Swift and more. And the newest member of the FL22 family — the FL22+ — combines an unprecedented suite of location tracking tools, reports, ROI analytics and innovative hardware with the extended power management option of solar.

Customizable Hardware and Installation

Our innovative modular design lets you choose your solution by trailer type, sensor need, mobile technology and installation preference. We can even install on loaded trailers – reducing your downtime and minimizing business impact.

Solar Power Management

An optional embedded solar panel with the FL22+ makes this workhorse a powerhouse, as well.  When your trailers sit for extended periods, no need to worry about battery depletion with an extra boost from the sun.

Powerful Reporting and Analytics

Move beyond location tracking to truly manage your fleet of trailers with reports that help automate and maximize ROI attainment by reducing detention, right-sizing your fleet and reporting on Pool Management PAR.

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Key Features

Live Mapping

Know where your trailers are in real-time via group and individual views. Also, see breadcrumb trails.

Detention Management

Set parameters then get notified when a customer’s grace period hits a certain percentage or is exceeded.

True GPS Mileage

Schedule your maintenance by miles rather than months and make sure your trailers are used evenly.

Loaded-Trailer Installation

Don’t let GPS device installation take years. We can install on loaded trailers, nationwide.

Pool Management

Get all your committed loads – get alerts when you are over or under PAR for trailers allotted to a customer

Add-On Hardware

The FL22 family is all about options.  Add cargo/door sensors (FL22/FL22+) and solar power management (FL22+) as your fleet sees fit.

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