Spireon FL700® Protects Unpowered Assets

Unpowered equipment can contribute or take away from your bottom line. So don’t take your chances on it getting lost or stolen. The FL700® offers a pure battery GPS tracking device engineered specifically for asset management where power is not readily available.

Enhanced Battery Life

The extended battery life of the FL700 allows for up to 5,000 reports, including location events, landmark and GeoFencing reporting and low battery notification.

Report Configuration

Depending on your reporting needs, you can set the FL700 to report once daily, which will give you 5 years of battery life, or twice daily for 4 years of battery life.

Weather Resistant

Hard plastic, weather proof shell helps ensure the device stays safe in extreme weather conditions. Whether summer or winter, you’ll know exactly where your equipment is, so you can get it to the right job.

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Key Benefits

Daily Location Report

Chose how often your unpowered asset reports in. Set timing to either one or two pings per day to verify location.

Location History

View the historical record of where the asset was located to ensure utilization and, if necessary, aid in recovery.

Low-Battery Alerts

Receive alerts when the device’s internal battery is low so you can replace hardware before is stops reporting.

GeoFence Breach

To avoid theft, receive alerts if the asset moves outside of GeoFences or landmarks you’ve created.

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