Spireon FleetLocate FL Solar®

FleetLocate’s FL Solar® trailer tracking device leverages state-of-the-art solar-harvesting technology with a powerful processor that maintains its pulse on trailer activity with minimal current. The FL Solar provides quick and easy installation under 15 minutes, and leverages sophisticated engineering that outperforms the competition.

Quick Installation

Minimize downtime with quick, 15-minute installation

No Power, No Problem

Leverage the energy of the sun to track assets with no access to power

Visibility and Assurance

Receive alerts when assets are on the move; confirm infrequent movers stay put

Landmark Alerts

Arrival/departure of asset within landmark boundary

Management Tools

Analysis of detention, utilization, and more

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Key Benefits

Pinpoints Location

Pinpoints the location of any asset or trailer whether it’s moving or not

Peace of Mind

Provides peace of mind for infrequently used and unpowered assets that inventory is where it’s supposed to be


Alerts when trailer is on the move or breaks a landmark boundary

Yard Management

Simplifies yard management

Accurate Billing

Ensures accuracy of detention billing

Optimize utilization

Optimizes asset utilization

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