Master Your Ford Fleet

Ford and Spireon have combined forces to bring you FleetLocate fleet management without using an aftermarket telematics device. How? Spireon’s integration with Ford Data Services means you can leverage the technology on equipped Ford vehicles to locate vehicles 24/7, track driver productivity, improve driver behavior, and more. Plus, Ford Data Services integration means you also benefit from fuel level, tire pressure, engine oil, seatbelt status, and true odometer. And if your busy fleet includes non-Ford assets such as equipment or trailers, we’ve got that covered, too.

Fleet Management for Ford Vehicles

Locate Vehicles 24/7

Regardless of fleet size, Spireon FleetLocate for Ford opens up the world of fleet management with no aftermarket telematics device to install or maintain.  Get vehicle location, breadcrumb trail, geofences, landmarks, and more through Ford Data Services.

Track Driver Productivity

Avoid downtime and maintain a healthy fleet through alerts triggered by battery status, fuel level, engine oil, and tire pressure. Proactively manage fleet maintenance schedules when it’s convenient for your fleet, and ensure customer commitments are kept by getting ahead of vehicle service.

Improve Driving Behavior

Monitor driver behavior such as hard braking, hard acceleration, speed, stop and idle time, and more. Establish the safety KPIs that are important to your fleet to create custom Driver Scorecards to easily identify drivers who may benefit from remedial safety training.

Key Features

Easy, Intuitive, Powerful – And Now Customized for Ford

Low Battery Monitor

Get a heads-up about compromised batteries before your drivers are stranded.

Vehicle Maintenance

Take the guesswork out of tracking maintenance schedules with reminders and service history detail.

Fuel Level

Configure alerts about fuel level to work fill-ups at the most favorably priced suppliers throughout the work week.

Tire Pressure

Extend tire life with proactive alerts about tires operating outside of manufacturer recommended PSI.

Engine Oil

Reduce vehicle down time and ensure optimal engine upkeep with alerts on oil level and scheduled maintenance.

Real Odometer

Assess the real miles driven – not approximations based on GPS tracking – via true odometer data delivery.

See how Spireon partners with Ford to provide device-free fleet management.

You get all the benefits of FleetLocate, plus added visibility driven by Ford. Watch this on-demand demo to see how you can put your fleet at your fingertips either at your desk or on the go, without hardware.

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