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Next to your employees, your vehicles are some of your business’s most valuable assets, so it’s important to know where they are and how they’re being used. FleetLocate Standard gives you the insight to better manage your vehicles, drivers and operations from your desk or via any mobile device. You get 24×7 visibility into the location of your vehicles, driver behavior like speeding and the ability to add features like Driver ID, Garmin and Fuel Card.

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Locate Vehicles 24/7

Knowing where your vehicles are at all times lets you improve communications with your customers, aids in routing and rescheduling, and helps ensure your vehicles will be recovered if stolen. Whether you’re at your desk or on the go, FleetLocate and its mobile manager app, Periscope, can tell you who’s doing what, and where.

Track Driver Productivity

Side jobs, long lunches, personal miles – they can add up to a costly issue. GPS tracking helps you verify your drivers are at the right location and on the job.

Improve Driving Behavior

Identify and reduce risky driving like speeding and hard braking and acceleration in order to protect your drivers and also safeguard your business against accidents, liability and undue vehicle maintenance.

Key Features

Breadcrumb Trail

View trip points and details including speed levels, broken rules, alerts, stop and idle time.

Mobile Access

Access your FleetLocate information anywhere you have a mobile device connection.

Driver Tracking

Identify and fix risky driving behavior to avoid accidents.

Speed Monitoring

Know who speeds, where it’s happening and when to address behavior that could be expensive

Geofences and Landmarks

Create virtual fences to know how often and when vehicles are in or outside of boundaries.

Add-On Features

Customize your solution by adding Driver ID, Garmin, Power Take Offer (PTO) and Fuel Card

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