Make More $$$
Easy Money.
Every Sale.

A New Kind of Add-On. Extra effort not required.

With increased competition, tighter inventory and consumers prepared with more information – it’s harder than ever to stand out in the market and make a profit. GoldStar Connect can help.

You Rely On GoldStar. Your Customers Will Too.

  • Smart technology lets your customers monitor their car no matter who’s driving
  • Same GPS device you use to track your assets
  • Simple two-step activation in your GoldStar account
  • Easy to sell add-on for more profitability

Discover the Profit Potential of GoldStar Connect

With a suggested selling price of $299 and an activation fee of only $30 – you get an additional $269 profit on every car sold with GoldStar Connect. Increasing your profits has never been easier.

Consumers Love It

Users give it 4.7 stars in the app stores for providing the safety and security every driver wants for themselves and their family:

Get speed, mileage and battery level notifications.

Instantly find their car right from their phone.

Receive customized alerts for the drivers and places they want to monitor

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