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GPS Tracking for Chassis Leasing

GPS fleet tracking of trailer chassis - FleetLocate by Spireon - Fleet management for trailer fleets

Improve Management of Your Chassis Leasing Operation

Spireon’s FleetLocate® Chassis Leasing module helps you better utilize and maintain your assets and also allows your customers to track the chassis they lease from you. You’ll see real-time location, status and mileage of each chassis in order to schedule preventive maintenance, and your customers will be able to do the same for their portion of your fleet.

Optimize Your Chassis Pool

Via our online reports, quickly identify which chassis are idle so they can be recovered and put to use at higher-revenue sites.

Verify Yard Arrival and Departure

See where your chassis are 24/7 with real-time GPS tracking, and set up GeoFences to know when they enter and leave a given location. Views are accessible from any device connected to the internet.

Upsell Telematics to Your Customers

Drive more revenue by selling telematics as a value-add feature, and enjoy a pricing structure specifically designed for leasing.