Spireon Honored With 2014 M2M Evolution Asset Tracking Award

M2M Evolution Asset Tracking Award

Irvine, CA, July 2014 — Spireon, the leading innovator of mobile resource management (MRM) and business intelligence solutions, recently announced that its FleetLocate Asset & Trailer Intelligence platform has received a 2014 M2M Evolution Asset Tracking Award from M2M Evolution Magazine, the leading publication covering the machine to machine movement.

FleetLocate is a powerful, flexible and scalable Asset and Trailer Management solution, built on the NSpire platform and supporting a suite of devices and sensors. NSpire’s ultra-reliable, cloud-based environment allows FleetLocate to keep companies continually connected to their trailers and help them track their assets in real-time. It delivers an unprecedented level of raw data, translated and served up as rich analytics that can be used to make faster, smarter and more profitable business decisions. NSpire supports more than 2 billion data events every year and 1.7 million subscribers.

With the FleetLocate Asset & Trailer Intelligence platform, companies can:

  • Optimize trailer utilization: Do more with the trailers they already have
  • Increase trailer pool efficiency: Make sure the right trailer is in the right place at the right time
  • Change detention behavior: Motivate customers to unload their trailers first
  • Enhance driver satisfaction: Get drivers back on the road with a live load quickly
  • Manage trailer maintenance: Identify and locate equipment in need of maintenance based on actual miles traveled
  • Automate yard checks: Eliminate time-consuming, error-prone manual counts
  • Improve cargo safety: Be alerted when a trailer’s doors are opened, cargo is unloaded or the tracking device is removed

“An increasing number of companies are realizing they need greater visibility, rich real-time data, and actionable intelligence to better manage their assets and trailers and meet their customers’ expectations,” says Marc Brungger, Spireon’s CEO. “The FleetLocate Asset & Trailer Management platform is proving to be a key solution for companies that require continuous real-time visibility for their fleet. We’re pleased to be recognized by M2M Magazine as a leader in asset tracking.”

As a recent addition to the FleetLocate Asset & Trailer Intelligence platform, Spireon introduced the industry’s first automated detention optimization system designed specifically for the trucking and transportation industry. The Detention Optimization Module provides specific reports and alerts that deliver increased visibility and intelligence surrounding detained trailers, cargo and drivers. Companies can instantly see where their trailers are located, how long those trailers have been detained at specific locations, whether the trailers are empty or loaded, which customer locations have exceeded their detention grace periods, as well as daily views of billable detention hours.

The module also allows trucking companies to receive alerts when a customer location exceeds its grace period, as well as share these alerts with customers. This enables customers to see which of their locations are incurring detention billing so they can address and modify the behavior.

Spireon’s family of M2M telematics solutions includes FleetLocate Asset & Trailer Intelligence for the trucking and transportation industry; FleetLocate Enterprise Fleet Management for companies managing 1,000 plus vehicles, FleetLocate Local Fleet Management for small- and medium-sized businesses; as well as GoldStar GPS and LoanPlus CMS collateral management systems for the automotive finance industry.

“It is my pleasure to recognize Spireon with a M2M Evolution Asset Tracking Award for its continued excellence in innovation,”said Carl Ford, CEO & Community Developer, Crossfire Media. “Spireon is continually improving its products to best meet the needs of its fleet customers. I look forward to seeing their future successes in this rapidly evolving industry.” Winners will be featured in the third quarter edition of M2M Evolution Magazine.

About Spireon

Spireon, Inc. is the industry’s leading open connected vehicle company, providing businesses and consumers with powerful insights to track, manage and protect their most valuable assets. The award-winning Spireon NSpire platform supports more than 3.75 million active subscribers across the company’s growing suite of products for new and used car dealers, lenders and financial institutions, rental car agencies, insurers and consumers, as well as fleet, trailer and asset management companies.

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