Spireon Relaunches the LoJack Brand with Improved Technology and Connected-Car Functionality

Spireon combines a powerful GPS-based platform with a nationally recognized brand name to grow value for dealers

IRVINE, Calif, June. 15, 2021—Spireon, the Vehicle Intelligence Company, completed a technology platform update and rebranding of its franchise dealer solution from Kahu, to LoJack™. The relaunch significantly expands the LoJack offering, bringing proven lot management and service retention tools to dealerships, and connected car features to consumers. In addition, LoJack stolen vehicle recovery coverage is now nationwide, utilizing Spireon’s strong GPS and cellular networks.

“This brand redesign and technology rollout is significant for LoJack dealers. The expanded reach of GPS in locating cars combined with LoJack’s already deep law enforcement relationships and strong name recognition are now combined for a best-in-class solution,” said Brian Skutta, president of automotive at Spireon.

In May, Spireon’s GPS platform helped the Chapman BMW dealership recover a 2021 BMW M8 despite it having crossed the border to Mexico before it was reported missing. The dealer thought the vehicle, which retails for $126,000, was unrecoverable when they saw it in Mexico. However, using vast location coverage enabled by GPS, Spireon’s LoJack law enforcement liaisons were able to work with law enforcement on both sides of the border, to recover the vehicle quickly and without damage.

The newly expanded LoJack solution also helps dealers find cars quickly for test drives with visibility into battery level and inventory age and to better fill service bays and grow long-term relationships with consumers via the MyDealer feature in LoJack connected-car app.

Not only does the scale and breadth of the technology update bring more value to LoJack dealers, existing Spireon dealerships have also said they look forward to leveraging the strong LoJack brand name while continuing to use the Spireon tools they’ve come to rely on for lot management, improved customer experience, service retention and stolen vehicle recovery.

Visit www.LoJack.com for more information on Spireon’s LoJack Solution.

“The expanded reach of GPS in locating cars combined with LoJack’s already deep law enforcement relationships and strong name recognition are now combined for a best-in-class solution.”

Brian Skutta, president of automotive at Spireon.

About Spireon

Spireon, the Vehicle Intelligence Company, is the leading provider of aftermarket telematics solutions in North America. By equipping cars, trucks, trailers and other mobile assets with GPS devices and sensors, Spireon turns any vehicle into a connected vehicle. Award-winning products Goldstar, LoJack and FleetLocate deliver 24×7 asset visibility and actionable insights to auto dealers, lenders, transportation companies, service fleet managers, rental car companies and consumers to increase safety and productivity, boost profits and protect assets. Spireon’s state-of-the-art IoT platform, NSpire powers both the company’s expansive suite of connected vehicle solutions and the advanced telematics of some of the world’s largest automotive OEMs, supporting nearly 4 million active subscribers and processing billions of data events each month. With its open architecture and platform-as-a-service approach, NSpire’s superior data warehousing, analytics and insights capabilities are fully scalable and ideally suited for an array of mission-critical applications across industries.

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