BHPH Auto Dealers

Avoid Fraud Risk

Verify Information with Reference Genie™

Often, loan stipulations are difficult to verify, and customer references go unchecked. GoldStar automatically verifies loan STIPs and references to save time and resources and safeguard your business.

Excessive Mileage Monitoring

Identify potential vehicle misuse with excessive mileage monitoring and alerts that could indicate a vehicle is being driven commercially.

Proactive Vehicle Management

As you grow your customer base, data is only as good as your ability to use it. GoldStar gives you actionable alerts that tell you where to focus including for non-movement, impound lots, battery disconnects, and more.

Vehicle Abandonment Alerts

When a vehicle has been inactive for seven days or more, this alert leads to quicker recovery and often saves the vehicle from going into default.

Ready for a closer look?

See how real-time GPS tracking from GoldStar helps you sell to more customers, maintain prompt payments, and quickly recover vehicles.

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