BHPH Auto Dealers

Easy Install Wireless Solution for Just the Essentials

Self-Install in Minutes

Quickly install the wireless device on your own with zip ties or optional magnetic mount. Professional installation is not needed. Great for short-term loans and test drives too.

Stipulation Events with Reference Genie™

Automatically validates loan STIPs including work and home addresses from extended vehicle stops within the 14 days after installation.

Location Genie Gathers Location History

Automatically collects start and stop data and takes time measurements to predict the best day, time, and place to recover a vehicle if it becomes necessary.

Impound Lot Alerts

Avoid fees and get notified as soon as a vehicle enters one of 10,600 impound lots in GoldStar’s proprietary national database.

3-Year Battery Life

Powerful, extended battery life to locate and recover vehicles quickly without worrying about device performance. 

Ready for a closer look?

See how real-time GPS tracking from GoldStar helps you sell to more customers, maintain prompt payments, and quickly recover vehicles.

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