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Reduce Impound Lot Fees

Real-Time Impound Lot Alerts

Receive an alert immediately when your vehicle enters an impound lot to reduce costs and fees for abandoned vehicles. Many GoldStar dealers say they receive alerts before the impound lot has even processed their vehicle.

Proprietary Impound Lot Database

Enjoy peace-of-mind that you’re using the largest, most comprehensive impound lot database in North America with over 10,600 lots. Lots are constantly added, and GoldStar users can request additions.

Decreased Impound Lot Fees and Costs

With GoldStar, vehicles spend less time impounded with almost zero storage damage and reconditioning costs.

Avoid Rising Impound Lot Fees

Vehicle impounds cost billions per year nationwide. Avoid contributing to those costs with GoldStar alerts.

2019 Impound Lot Industry Report

Impound lot fees are a billion dollar industry problem. The #1 GPS provider has a solution. Find out why GoldStar is the best option for impound recovery, bar none.

Ready for a closer look?

See how real-time GPS tracking from GoldStar helps you sell to more customers, maintain prompt payments, and quickly recover vehicles.

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