Fleet Managers Challenge

Improve Fleet & Driver Safety

Identify and Reduce Risky Driving Behaviors

Having a fleet safety program in place is just step one. Reinforcing it and adding the tools to help drivers keep safety top of mind is necessary to continually improve and maintain safety. Get real time notifications for key driver behaviors including tailgating, hard braking and speed monitoring.

Evaluate Drivers Based on Safety and Performance

Use Driver Scorecard to set KPIs and objectively track drivers. Identify risky behavior and training opportunities and reward top performers.

Give Drivers Control

With FleetLocate Scorecard mobile, drivers can understand how they are performing, what they’re being scored on, and have the tools they need to improve.

Have Video Proof for Added Safety

With the video-based safety solution for fleets, drivers receive coaching through audio and visual alerts for distracted driving. Additionally, video evidence is available to exonerate drivers of false claims and protect the fleet.

Improving Driver Safety

Driver safety is a key concern for many companies. How can fleets prevent accidents and injury? Watch the on-demand webinar now to learn more.

Ready for a closer look?

See how FleetLocate can grow your business with real-time driver and vehicle intelligence.

The last thing you need is a collision

So we’ve enhanced our video-based saftey solution, CamCoach, with ADAS tailgating alerts — a feature proven to reduce commercial vehicle collisions by up to 44%*. Paired with the AI Dashcam’s other risky behavior alerts, you can expect safer drivers, lower insurance costs, and fewer accidents.

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