Fleet Managers

Maximize Fuel Efficiency

Measure Vehicle Performance 

Maintain a healthy fleet. Identify areas that need adjustment through comprehensive reporting and set up proactive maintenance plans. Get ahead of vehicle service with engine diagnostics and avoid downtime with alerts triggered by engine fault codes.

Source: U.S. Department of Energy Alternative Fuels Data Center. “Techniques for Drivers to Conserve Fuel.”

Automatically Coach Drivers

Easily improve overall driver performance with instantaneous feedback. CamCoach, AI Dashcam for Fleets provides audio and visual alerts for various events and distracted driving that may impact safety and fuel efficiency.

Minimize Unnecessary Idling

Reducing idle time can not only save in fuel and maintenance costs, but it can also extend vehicle life and reduce damaging environmental emissions. Set idling alerts and receive detailed engine and driver idle reports to adjust driving habits.

Source: North American Council for Freight Efficiency. “Idle Reduction.” 2019.
Source: Antich, Mike. “Operating Costs Inch Up for Second Consecutive Year.” Automotive Fleet, 2019.

Fuel Card Integration

Integrate your fuel cards with telematics to run fuel reports. Manage fuel purchases including exceptions based on fuel transaction and vehicle location data. Eliminate fraudulent fuel card use.

Find Out Where Successful Fleets Are Finding Savings

Watch this on-demand webinar to hear a cost reduction expert identify practical tips for saving on some of the most expensive areas of fleet management.

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