Fleet Managers Challenge

Reduce Vehicle Maintenance Costs

Extend the Life of Your Fleet

Create service plans and maintenance programs based on distance traveled, engine hours, or time period. Avoid major repairs with advanced vehicle diagnostics and alerts.

Decrease Vehicle Downtime

Avoid overwhelming your maintenance team. Setup maintenance alerts to reduce unscheduled maintenance and prevent service backlog.

View Historical Service Records

Ensure compliance with company policies and recommended OEM vehicle maintenance schedules. Get visibility into cradle to grave maintenance costs.

Identify Vehicles that Need to be Replaced

While maintaining vehicles can save you money, at a certain point, replacing vehicles may be more cost effective. View reports and pinpoint vehicles with lowest and highest service and maintenance costs.

Drury Southwest and FleetLocate

Drury Southwest says the FleetLocate solution pays for itself with the return on investment they get from simplified IFTA reporting and electronic logging, but ultimately, the greatest benefit is making their small fleet safer.

Ready for a closer look?

See how FleetLocate can grow your business with real-time driver and vehicle intelligence.

The last thing you need is a collision

So we’ve enhanced our video-based saftey solution, CamCoach, with ADAS tailgating alerts — a feature proven to reduce commercial vehicle collisions by up to 44%*. Paired with the AI Dashcam’s other risky behavior alerts, you can expect safer drivers, lower insurance costs, and fewer accidents.

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