Fleet Managers Challenge

Simplify Compliance with ELD & DVIR

Easily Stay Compliant and Improve CSA Scores

Activate FL Compliance with Spireon’s FL360 to comply with the ELD Mandate, Hours of Service (HOS), Driver Vehicle Inspection Reporting (DVIR), and the International Fuel Tax Agreement (IFTA).  Stay compliant, track your fleet, and monitor driver behavior from one online portal.

Source: 2020 CVSA

Simplify HOS Reporting

With FL Compliance, fleet managers can see summary reports of detailed logs and potential violations. Pair it with our mobile driver app, FleetLocate Shift so drivers can easily log and switch duty status.

Streamline the Inspection Process 

Eliminate paper inspection reports with FleetLocate Shift mobile app. Driver receives a step-by-step guide to DVIR inspections for faster, more accurate inspections. 

Reduce Tax Liabilities

Receive real-time access to state jurisdiction reports for compliance reporting (IFTA, miles, etc.)  Get automated state mileage and off-road mileage reporting.

Upcoming Legislative and Regulatory Changes and How it Could Affect Your Trailer Business

Watch this information packed session, for critical insight to help you understand what the future regulatory, fleet and enforcement landscape looks like, things to think about, and how you can better plan for it.

Ready for a closer look?

See how FleetLocate can grow your business with real-time driver and vehicle intelligence.

The last thing you need is a collision

So we’ve enhanced our video-based saftey solution, CamCoach, with ADAS tailgating alerts — a feature proven to reduce commercial vehicle collisions by up to 44%*. Paired with the AI Dashcam’s other risky behavior alerts, you can expect safer drivers, lower insurance costs, and fewer accidents.

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