Trailer & Asset Managers Challenge

Improve Driver Satisfaction

Optimize Driver Times

Provide drivers with the exact trailer position in large yards. Eliminate wasted driver time searching for the proper trailer, lost HOS, fuel expense, and wear-and-tear on equipment.  

Source: 2018 OIG report

Improve Driver Safety

As simple as opening and closing trailer doors may seem, it’s one of the leading causes of injuries for truck drivers. Eliminate the need for drivers to open trailer doors and check load status.

Automate Yard Checks

Manual yard checks expose drivers to potential environmental hazards such as such as potholes and loose stones that can easily causes them to trip and get a twisted ankle. Eliminate the need for drivers to do manual yard checks by setting up landmarks and geofencing.

Confirm Trailer Status with Accuracy

IntelliScan is designed for trailers or dry vans up to 53’. It combines sensors, AI, and image capture to verify your trailer loaded/unloaded status with 99% accuracy. Plus, with our driver app TrailerView, drivers can see a map with their location and the location of the empty trailer, allowing them to avoid the headache of searching for empty trailers.

Regional, For-hire Truckload Carrier Saves $30k per Month

With FleetLocate by Spireon, Paper Transport doesn’t have to worry about whether or not a trailer is empty when their drivers show up for pickup, and trailer telematics data is integrated right into tools their team already uses.

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