Trailer & Asset Managers Challenge

Manage Leased Trailers & Assets

Track and Manage Assets Easily

Making sure you have enough equipment for customer demand shouldn’t be a guessing game. Trailer leasing companies can easily manage all assets and customer leases in one place with Spireon’s FleetLocate Leasing Module.

Bill Leased Assets with Accuracy

Track who has your assets and keep them accountable. See the history of leasing activities for each asset and know when to start, and stop, charging your customers for asset leasing.

Integrate Data for Ease of Use

The Spireon Leasing Module can be accessed through the FleetLocate UI, or through API integration. With API integration, you can access all the leasing functionality through your own back-end system.

Provide Customers Added Value and Increase ROI

Give your customers control and transparency. Allow them to setup their own landmarks, schedule reports, etc. and you can choose to bill them for usage of FleetLocate capabilities.

National Trailer Rental & Leasing Provider Increases Business Wins by 30-40%

Today, the majority of Premier’s 50,000 trailers utilize Spireon’s FL Flex family of devices. With this solution they can track their trailers via Spireon’s cloud based FleetLocate UI, leveraging a variety of features and functions including creating landmarks, monitoring idle trailers, setting up users, and setting up automated reports for customers.

Ready for a closer look?

Learn more about how FleetLocate can grow your business with real-time driver and vehicle intelligence.

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