Trailer & Asset Managers Challenge

Maximize ROI with Managed Services

Optimize your Personnel Resources

Nothing can replace a human’s analytical perspective. With Managed Services, you’ll receive consultative trailer management so you can do more with your limited resources and maximize your ROI.

Note: ROI is based on a combination of industry data and customer baselines. Actual ROI may vary by fleet.

Enhance Trailer Management

You’ll get a dedicated Spireon operations analyst that will help take over various trailer management tasks including reporting and analytics. Areas of focus varies by fleet. Examples include identifying idle trailers, reducing capital costs, and increasing detention awareness and detention billing revenue.

Improve Fleet Health

Get a monthly snapshot of your trailer fleet’s overall health and historical context. Receive tips and actionable corrective steps.

Boost Trailer Fleet Operations

Receive quarterly reports and benchmark yourself against successful industry fleets nationwide to understand your weaknesses and improve operations.

Top Tips For More Efficient Trailer Managment

Hear how carriers are maximizing efficiency with the resources they have and getting more done with less.

Ready for a closer look?

Learn more about how FleetLocate can grow your business with real-time driver and vehicle intelligence.

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