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Increase capacity and trailer turns with Spireon’s FleetLocate trailer management solution, in-stock & ready to ship.

With trailers scarcer than ever, optimizing the trailers you have matters more than ever. That means having the data and insight you need to maximize loads and turn trailers faster. If you are a trailer manager tasked with maximizing your fleet, the best way to do that is by adding visibility to each of your trailers with Spireon’s GPS trailer management solution. Today, many telematics suppliers are struggling with low-to-no inventory of tracking devices, pushing out their ability to deliver and install by weeks or even months. These shortages and delays aren’t doing anything to help solve the challenges you face.

Available Trailer Management Hardware

There’s no wait for inventory with Spireon. Delivered in as little as 5 days!

We are ready to optimize your trailers now. We have the inventory, and we are ready to ship. We can help you handle trailer shortages by doing more with the trailers you have. So, if you need to optimize (and right now, who doesn’t) or you are thinking about upgrading from 3G…we have all the inventory you need, and we are ready to go.

Available products include FL Flex™ 2, FL Flex™ 2+, FL 22+, and all sensors. Fill out the form to the right and a Spireon expert will help you determine what’s best for your business.

The Clock Is Ticking

Get your order in before the tax advantages run out.

The time has never been better to optimize your trailers with Spireon. Tax benefits allowing 100% bonus depreciation will expire soon. This allows you to deduct 100% of any capex hardware purchases within the first year the item is put into service. Take advantage of this benefit while it lasts!

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