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Impound lot fees are a $1.1 billion industry problem.
The #1 GPS provider has a solution.

Find out why GoldStar is the best option for impound recovery, bar none.

According to Experian, there are approximately 25.3 million vehicles financed to below-prime consumers on the road today. Spireon data indicates that about 76,000 are impounded each day. Considering average daily storage fees, vehicle impounds cost these consumers, dealers, and lenders $3.04 million a day or $1.1 billion per year nationwide — and this isn’t even taking into account a wide range of at fees that vary wildly from lot to lot. This is a problem. GoldStar by Spireon, #1 GPS provider, has a solution with impound lot alerts.

Impound isn’t a static problem. The information dealers need to combat it is dynamic, including the latest impound lot locations and faster impound notifications. The sooner a vehicle is recovered, the lower the chance of storage damage and reconditioning costs.

Average Impound Lot Total Recovery Costs by Region

Nationwide impound lot database | Early impound notification
Lower storage and reconditioning costs | Operational efficiency, higher profits

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