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Impound lot fees are a billion industry problem.
The #1 GPS provider has a solution.

Find out why GoldStar is the best option for impound recovery, bar none.

According to Experian reports and NIADA estimates, there are approximately 29.2 million vehicles financed to below-prime consumers on the road today. Spireon data indicates that about 1.47% of those vehicles are impounded at any given time, adding up to almost 30 million vehicles. Taking only average daily storage fees into consideration, vehicle impounds cost these consumers, dealers, and lenders more than $14 million a day or $5.2 billion per year nationwide.

Impound isn’t a static problem. The information dealers need to combat it is dynamic, including the latest impound lot locations and faster impound notifications. The sooner a vehicle is recovered, the lower the chance of storage damage and reconditioning costs. Download our 2019 Impound Lot Report to learn more about this billion dollar problem and understand how GoldStar is helping the industry save.

It has greatly reduced impound fees. We now get notifications as soon as one of our vehicles is in impound and don’t have to pay extra days of storage. Even the impounds are surprised that we know as soon as one of our cars gets there!

Jay Arnold, General ManagerAuto Sales & Service

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