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Grow Your Fixed Operations with Kahu’s My Dealer Feature

In a time not so long ago, when consumers needed customer support for a product, it could be hit or miss depending on the company. Fast forward to today, consumers can reach companies not only by phone but with social media like Facebook and Twitter, company forums, or even by text. Great customer support can go a long way towards building lifetime customers, especially with how easy consumers can find reviews online.

The same goes for car dealerships and how they engage with their customers. Today, we’re introducing the new My Dealer feature for Kahu which allows dealerships to reach customers after a sale with timely service reminders, branded promotions, and additional marketing messages to build a strong and steady relationship.

Key features of the My Dealer module that enable increased revenue and customer loyalty are:

  • Mobile convenience—simplifying maintenance reminders and service scheduling through mobile notifications can jumpstart the most profitable phase of the dealer-customer relationship
  • Personalized offers—by creating more effective messages and promotions based on accurate vehicle mileage and other customer data, conversions will increase
  • Brand visibility—with customized dealership imagery and contact information added to the My Dealer module, customers will keep the dealership top of mind for service and other needs. The Kahu consumer app is used 12 times per month on average, creating regular brand exposure for dealers.
  • Quick and easy scheduling—click-to-schedule and click-to-call functionality within the Kahu app streamlines appointment setting

The new My Dealer module is now available with Kahu on the App Store or Google Play. To learn more, stop by Spireon’s booth, 6439W, at NADA.

You can find the official announcement here.

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