GPS Tracking for construction companies

GPS Tracking for Construction Companies: Worth the Money?

GPS tracking for construction companies: Many companies question whether it’s a good value.

But many have found that having safer drivers helps reduce their insurance rates. And knowing when their vehicles and equipment enter and leave job sites helps with billing and routing.

Others have found that they’re bringing more to the bottom line from other savings as a result of using GPS tracking. Here are some examples of how construction companies are improving profitability with GPS tracking:

Gardner, LLC: “Know Where Your Assets Are at All Times”

Gardner is a site solutions contractor out of Jacksonville, FL, providing a turnkey solution to site work and underground utility construction. The company prides itself on completing projects efficiently, on time and on budget.

When they were looking to improve their tracking of drivers/vehicles and assets and to improve fleet safety, they turned to FleetLocate. Their results included tangible improvements in:

  • Reduced insurance premiums
  • Their use of vehicles/assets overall
  • A more productive fleet overall
  • Ability to identify what drivers need improvement
  • And much more

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“Knowing where your trucks are is huge in itself and then there is big saving on man-hours alone by knowing the exact time your truck leaves the site.”

—Kenneth Murnane, Owner, Ken Murnane and Sons Concrete Forms

Holmes Blacktop & Concrete: “Very Accurate and the Customer Service is Great”

Holmes Blacktop, a commercial and residential paving company serving Greater Cincinnati, Indiana and Kentucky, was hoping to improve their awareness of driver/vehicle/asset location when they came to FleetLocate. After implementing the GPS fleet management solution, Holmes saw tangible improvements in:

  • Their ability to identify drivers needing improvement
  • A safer fleet overall
  • A more productive fleet overall
  • Confidence that vehicles/assets were where they were supposed to be
  • And much more

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“Between FleetLocate and our delivery dispatch software, we have reduced the amount of time spent scheduling, shortened delivery times, and have been able to provide proof of delivery with GPS tracking.”

–Jim Kahler, CEO, Leachman Lumber

Drury Southwest: All About IFTA, ELD & Safer Drivers

Drury Hotels’ construction division was looking to satisfy the ELD mandate; they got that and so much more with FleetLocate.

Julie Svendsen, who works in Drury Southwests’s San Antonio office, says the FleetLocate solution pays for itself with the return on investment she gets from simplified IFTA reporting and electronic logging, but ultimately, the greatest benefit is making her small fleet safer.

“What’s the biggest benefit to Drury Southwest? Having safe drivers,” Julie said.

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“FleetLocate has worked smoothly the whole time we’ve had it and it’s been a very welcome addition to our tractors.”

—Julie Svendsen, Office Manager, Drury Southwest

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