Curb the Cost of Trailers and Detention

Curb the Cost of Trailers

The cost of trailers is a common issue plaguing most carriers. From detention costs to maintenance and repair fees, these quickly add up as the top expense for carriers, averaging more than $500 per truck per week. Moreover, detention keeps trailers—and drivers—off the road instead of making money.

Trailer detention leaves equipment temporarily unusable, and every hour a trailer is detained is an hour of lost time and revenue. With over 60% of carriers having trailers that spend more than 5 hours in detention per week, it’s clear to see that money is going down the drain. Collecting actionable data on detention events can help carriers track trends over time and devise a solution to the problem.

When a driver arrives to retrieve a trailer and finds it unloaded or experiences congestion at the dock, it not only negatively impacts your bottom line, but also their morale. 70% of carriers agree that reducing detention time is vital in improving driver satisfaction and reducing turnover. This is especially important in today’s environment, where it has become increasingly difficult to retain drivers.

These are long-standing industry pain-points, but tackling them is easier than you think. The path is a straight line through trailer tracking, real-time detention visibility, and maintenance management. To learn more about the cost of trailers and how carriers are using technology to get ahead of them, read the No More Detention White Paper from FreightWaves and Spireon. When you’re ready to build your own strategy for managing your trailers, check out FleetLocate by Spireon.

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