Dangers of Distracted Driving

The Dangers of Distracted Driving

In today’s connected world, drivers are constantly being fed distractions through their smartphones and other in-cab technology. And when you’re managing a fleet and drivers, one minor mistake behind the wheel can ruin your whole business. With 60% of drivers saying they’d need to be involved in a fatal accident to be dissuaded from using technology while driving*, there’s clearly deadly risks at stake.

Collisions are bound to happen, but paying excessive amounts for them is the last thing anyone wants. Even worse, nuclear verdicts have been on the rise in the trucking industry and are often the cause for carrier bankruptcies. In the last five years, there has been over ten times as many cases over $1 million than in five years prior. It’s often hard to pinpoint exactly what happened in the moments leading up to a crash, which makes fighting damage claims an exhausting battle. But with how much a large verdict can set a company back, even to the point of shutting down, carriers desperately need to plead their case. Fleets with dashcams are able to capture video evidence to help exonerate drivers from hefty claims that are blown out of proportion.

Avoiding the problem starts with improving driver safety. Instead of being reactive to a collision, fleet managers should strive to be proactive with their drivers by encouraging safe driving. AI-enabled dashcam technology has the ability to alert drivers when risky driving behaviors are detected, and notify managers to follow-up with them. Just as coaches use practice footage to hone their star athletes’ skills, carriers can use dashcam footage to increase driver performance and minimize the chances of a collision.

Driver safety not only saves lives on the road, but also businesses from potential bankruptcy. Carriers need to attack the issue before it’s too late, because one nuclear verdict can change everything. For more statistics about distracted driving and how drivers interact with their technology, download the free infographic: How Safe Are Your Drivers?. To improve driver safety and reduce liability risk, talk to a Spireon expert about FL Dashcams.

*National Safety Council Survey

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